Camp Out, newly open camping resort in the Poconos serving the LGBTQ community


Given my expereince in the hospitality industry and LGBTQ+ community, I was brought in to launch and market Camp Out, a new LGBTQ+ campground in the Poconos. This involved developing the logo and branding, designing and managing Camp Out’s website, and leading all marketing & advertising outreach.


The results have been impressive! Camp Out overdelivered their sales targets in 2022 (its launch year) and the business is on track to achieve a 50% increase in sales in 2023. The newly launched website is driving 100% of reservations so there’s been no need to rely on third-party engines. In addition, the marketing strategy is yielding excellent results, establishing a strong social media presence and engaging events calendar that’s generating buzz, capturing the attention of the target audience resulting in a significant increase in bookings.


Logo & Branding • Website Design & Management • Social Media • Email Marketing • Print & Digital Advertising • Event Curation • Graphic Design • Merch Design & Production