Italian restaurant in Westchester County serving up old-school Italian favorites


I was brought in to help a struggling restaurant in Westchester County. Sales were down and they needed help relaunching their brand and restaurant experience as well as developing a new website and refreshing their marketing outreach.


Successfully relaunched and transformed the restaurant into a charming old-school Italian dining experience. Working closely with the Owner and Chef, I uncovered the authentic Italian roots that inspired his cooking and renamed/rebranded the restaurant as Giordano’s…an old-school Italian restaurant serving up the Chef’s grandma’s favorite recipes. This involved developing a new logo, branding and visual identity, and bringing this new branding to life in the restaurant and online with the launch of a new website, content, social media and email campaigns. The rebrand resulted in increased engagement online, restaurant bookings and revenue.


Logo & Branding • Website Design & Management • Social Media • Email Marketing • Print & Digital Advertising • Menu Design • Graphic Design